Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

As a reputable company, we always try our best to answer your questions as best we can. We already prepared some answers to some questions which we get from our customers. If you can’t find the answer please feel free to contact us

I have a special request. How can we get in touch?

It is really simple. You can call us between working hours on +442045771906 . The working hours are BST. Aditionally you can use Contact Us page or send us an email to sales@gpumarkets.com. Usually it takes 24 hours to respond to emails.

How long will take for items to be dispatched?

Because we are using multiple dispatch locations it will take 1-2 working days to dispatch the items. This time is required for information to be passed by our system to the correct dispatch location wich is determined by the customer shipping address . Sometimes the items will be dispatched in the same day if the order is made before 14:00

How long will take the delivery ?

All orders are dispatched using express method . Our forwarding partners are DHL , UPS , FEDEX , RM , DPD . We will use the one accordingly with your shipping adress . We aim the next time frames for delivery:
Europe – 3-5 working days
US and Canada : 2-4 working days
Australia and NZ : 2-4 working days
Remote locations : 4-6 working days

Do i need to pay some customs taxes ?

All prices on our store are inclusive of VAT. We did our best to find the best solution when it comes to customs. We know for sure that if you live in Europe , US , Canada , Australia , NZ you don’t need to pay any customs tax because we have multiple dispatch locations. Unfortunately if you don’t live in the territory mentioned above you might need to contact your customs to see if a tax is involved.

How can i pay for the items ?

As we are a company born from the love of technology we are using cryptocurrency mainly to run our business. You can pay using BitCoin using our secure gateway, or you can pay using the bank transfer method. If you use the bank method there are 2-3 working days of processing the payment.
Stripe express have already added so you can use any debit or credit card
PayPal has been added, please make sure that your shipping address is paypal verified

Why the currency is only $ ?

As we said before we are using cryptocurrency and multiple locations for dispatch . Because of this we are able to offer a fixed price on all our items no matter where you are.

Can i cancel the order after i have paid ?

Yes you can but there are some conditions and situations .

  • If you paid with BitCoin we can refund only normal currency . This is because of the volatility wich involve cryptocurrency and also a 3% fee. You will need to provide us with your bank details.
  • if you paid by bank transfer , we will return your money to your bank account full.
  • If the order is already dispatched  , we will try to return it to us , but we cant return the shipping fee.
  • If the order is already dispatched and we cant contact in time the courier , then you need to return the items sealed.

Do you have any discounts ?

We usually do on bulk orders. Please contact us before you make the order .

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